Points of View

The Whisper of Forgiveness
The Red and the Black from Krycek's POV, all in verse.

What if he doesn't like being a murderer?

Perfect A touch so sweet...

The Day My Soul Died
Krycek regrets his mistakes. I'm not too fond of this one.

Mulder muses.

The "Inspired By" Series

Loosely inspired by works of fanfiction.

The Most Inspired by T.J.'s Deluge
Poor, poor, Krycek. Maybe I could love you.

Tainted Love Inspired by Viridian's Hoping to Fall Into Grace Series
Lust consumes.

Twisting Reality

Sometimes I'll sit to write a poem about myself, and it'll turn out to be about the boys, and vice versa. These poems mix my own personal reality with that of Mulder and Krycek, with intresting results. Seems we're very compatible ;o)

A question for the ages.

I have to be alone.

Silo or psychological prison? You be the judge.

So Very Wrong
In a nutshell.


Ode to Krycek
My darling ratboy.

A Love Story
Mulder. Krycek. War. Isolation. Love. All in a handy poem form!

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