Two Fathers, One Mulder, and a really sexy Krycek

Did you see it? Did you! Wow! What a great episode! I mean, I had my reservations, thought that maybe "reavelaing all the answers" would screw up a show based on keeping secrets. That was part of the fun of The X-Files, making up your own answers. And while I'm going to miss that, I now know that it's not the end of the world.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. What I really wanted to talk about was Krycek's involvement in "Two Fathers". I was dissapointed to hear that Krycek and Mulder wouldn't be getting any screen time together (No, I didn't spoil myself. My best friend Rowan, whom I call "The Spoiled Brat", "accidently" dropped that little peice of information in a conversation about three weeks before the episode aired.). But the episode had more great Krycek screentime than any other to date.

Is he good? Is he bad? That has always been the great debate. This episode certinly doesn't solve anything, but Krycek didn't do anything evil, which made me VERY happy. Everytime I hear Krycek's going to be in an episode, I always say, "Please, behave Krycek. Please!" Call me old fashioned, but I have a hard time believing that Mulder and Krycek could have a chance together (not that they really do anyway) if Krycek is truly... well, bad.

I liked the fact that Krycek has moved up in the ranks of The Consortium (which is apparently officially called The Syndicate now). It's about darn time! Now he's making presentations, no more grunt work! Dressing nice, which is ok, I guess. I kinda miss the leather. But the real question is, did he take WMM's place? (which reminds me of a nickname for Krycek I heard on the Detailers site "Bad Manicured Man" LOL)

Anyway, Krycek also got to use (Bum Bum Bum!) THE PLAM!!!!! (For those of you who don't know, "THE PLAM" is the ice-pick/stiletto/sharp-thingy that you kill aliens with. See Talitha Cumi/Herronvolk.) Possesion of THE PLAM is a sacred honor (in my opinion) and I was revolted when CSM (or CGB, whatever you prefer) gave it to Jeffy. He didn't earn the honor! And then I saw Krycek in the car, and I thought ::eyes rolling:: "Oh, great! Krycek's going to have to bail Son of a Smokey out of whatever mess he gets himself in!" Low and behold, Krycek shows up, and saves Spender's puny little ass. And with style bay-bee. Man, when I saw him gouge that alien, I wanted to jump his bones. Or watch Mulder jump his bones.

And after the commercial, we got a great little monolouge, followed by a little manipulation of Jeffy Boy. And during the monolouge, Krycek seemed more... human, than ever. The line "Shocking, isn't...." especially struck me. Actually had some emotion in it.

Other points- I loved the sarcastic bashing session he gave The Syndicate. Loved it. Finally, someone saying what we were all thinking!

Is anyone but me expecting a lot of Krycek/Spender fiction to come out of this? According to ATXC, the answer is yes.

Very off the Krycek topic, but didn't you just love the whole "Let's slap Spender!" scene? I thought I wanted Spender to die, until last week, when I heard that he was going to die in "Two Fathers" (false rumour, obviously). Truth is, I like having him around to bash, it makes his whiny little character kinda funny. Fowley on the other hand....

Stay tuned for violent reactions to "One Son".

P.S. I went through the preview for next week frame by frame (I am not obsessed! The thing was going really fast, and I couldn't see what was going on...) and I saw ::ahem:: COVARRUBIUS! Oh, it is not a a spoiler, it was rigth there in the preview, and we knew she was going to be back. Anyway, point is, she looked like shit! Excuse my language, but she did. She looked all blue and dead, but she was alive and talking. And it looked like there was something wrong with her eyes. It might've been the light, but man... she looked BAD. ((evil grin))