One Dead Son

Wow! Again. The most exciting part definatly had to be the first fifteen minutes. That's when all the action was. But I liked the whole thing. 'Cept I'm kinda gonna miss all those Consortium guys. Oh well. Anyway, analysis time.

So, Fowley is evil. I could've told you that. But I don't think we knew just how evil she was until today. I mean, there are more evil people on The X-Files than anywhere else, real or fictional. And miss thang comes along, is in all of four episodes, and beats them all out in the evil department. And she sleeps with dirty old men!

Which brings me to another point- what was Mulder doing with Fowley? Was he sincere, or was he manipulating her? I thought he was manipulating, but then... I don't know, something changed. And how long were they alone together? Long enough for a little tryst?

Covarrubius! She was there! And a little insane from the testing, if you ask me. Boy, I felt bad for Spender, having a crazy woman hanging all off of him, begging to get out. She finally came to enough sense to tell him some of the information she knew, to call him by his name to show him that she knew who he was. And how come Mulder didn't do anyrtthing to get her out?

Spender. ::sniff:: I hated you, because you were a prick. And a bad guy. And not a good bad guy like Krycek, a stupid bad guy, like your dad. But I liked watching you get hit, and yelled at. Then you got good, and started to be Krycek's little sidekick, and I didn't mind you so much. You even yelled at Kersh (hurray!). But then you died, and I was sorry. Or did you?

Krycek!!!! My hero! Our hero! The only one who knew what the heck he was doing! The world is falling apart, The Consortium is in shambles, and they're trying to become hybrids! Krycek knows better than to become a hybrid. Krycek stayed behind. Krycek turned Spendy against them. He went to find the darn alien baby cause he knew it was inportant! HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD!!!! In fact, he was the only one trying to save the world. The Consortium members were trying (unsucessfully) to save themselves, Spender was trying to save his mother, Covarrubius was trying to save herself, and Mulder and Scully didn't know what the heck was going on, and were more intrested in their "personal involvment". I feel bad for him. He's all alone, trying to save the world. The only way he can get people to help him is by manipulatiing them. [[shaking head]] All alone in this... scary. He should get Mulder and Scully's help. Anyway, I think that it's safe to say that he's been updated to good guy statis. For now.

Next week- Aliens, what aliens? We've got sea monsters to worry about. Screw the fate of the world!