Remember when you were little, and you'd get graded on how well you behaved towards your peers? No? We do. So we're going to grade Mulder, Scully, and anyone else who happens to be hanging around on their behavior, using a system of smiley and frowny faces.

Mulder--Three Frowny Faces
  • For sticking up for Fowley
  • For letting her kiss him with her snake venom lips
  • For not sticking with Scully AND the Lone Gunmen

Scully--Three Smiley Faces
  • Because she knows Fowley is evil
  • For calling the Lone Gunmen on her own (for the third time! Go girl!)
  • For TELLING Mulder Fowley is evil

Spender--Three Smiley Faces (Gasp!)
  • For giving the X-Files back to Mulder and Scully
  • For yelling at Kersh
  • For dying (hey, it's what we wanted, isn't it? ;)

Krycek--Four Smiley Faces
  • For manipulating the Consortium
  • For not being stupid enough to go along with the rest of the Consortium
  • Two for trying to save the world.

Fowley--Infinite Frowny Faces and Evil Eyes
  • Because she's EVIL. End of story. Plus she's a dirty woman who has sex with dirty old men.

Marita--One Pity Face
  • Because we feel sorry for the guinea pig

"Mulder and Scully, you just learned about a world conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions!! What are you going to do next! ?"

"We're going to fight parasites in Florida with an old man!"