Insanity, insanity, insanity! It's what you get when you put together two best friends, The X-Files, and a bit too much excitment. My best friend and I call each other up after every episode, and particiapte in a tradition; cracking fun at the show!

It all started with "Two Fathers". My best friend Rowan decided she'd write down everything we learned during "Full Disclosure", and I decided to help. We didn't get very far.

Now we're going to do it every week. And publish it right here. We'll also have some occasional sections; "Top Ten" lists, and "Doesn't Play Well With Others", a section where we will grade the characters behavior. And maybe we'll add more sections soon! Have fun!

Two Fathers-What did we learn? - Top Ten Slogans for The Rebel's... fire... thingy

One Son- What did we learn? - Top Ten Things We'll Miss About Those Dead Consortium Guys - Doesn't Play Well with Others; Grades for One Son

Agua Mala- Someone (whose name starts with an R, ends with a N, and has an OWA in the middle)never gave me the copy of the list...

Monday- KABOOM!!! It's... What we learned in Monday

Arcadia- Ahhh... marital bliss...