Araxdelan's Writing Journal

Updated- 08/03/00

This journal is be a place where you can take a look behind the scenes. Where you can see the creative process behind my stories. As soon as a story is posted, I will also post the journal entries for that story. This is so that you aren't spoiled for the story before you read it.

Speaking of spoilers, be warned that all entries contain spoilers for the story. The only exception is the "Odds and Ends" section. The "Odds and Ends" section features only entries on stories which will never be finished, or never be published, as well as just general musings.

All else is be sorted in alphabetical order by story, with each story having it's own page where individual entries on said story are be sorted by date, from oldest to newest. Entries with an asterisk (*) were written after the story was finished, and are therefore unique in the fact that they are a look back, rather than a view of the writing process as I'm working through it. Some story entries were begun after the story was started, and will be so noted.

I'd like to thank Ursula for help developing this section. She let me hash the idea out, and gave me some great advice.

Updated 02/15/00- Odds and Ends

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