A Labor of Love...

We love TV. Everyone knows that. But it becomes more than that. Letting those characters into our homes every week, we fall *in* love with them, and want what's best for them.

Producers, on the other hand, might have a mild sentimentality towards their characters, but it's never about what's best for *them*, it's about what will grab ratings. And that's where television falls short.

Fans love the characters, and when we write fanfiction, we're not writing it to *please* people, not so it'll get read. We're not writing it to win awards; a Spooky, or a Starbuck, a Whammy, or a Morley. No, we write the fics because we think we're doing what's best for the character, because we have something that should be said, or is brewing within what we see of the character, and be damned if it should fall short of the cannon, or if it brews up controversy, it's what we think is *right*!

Chris Cater is ending his show because he is one man, with one set of ideas, that is part of one pattern, that can't go on forever. And David and Gillian are aging, and can't keep chasing secrets and half truths forever, and all good things must come to an end, as must all good shows.

But in *our* minds, we each have a separate timeline, with separate events, sometimes several different universes! And we can write them all, and together all of us can created a thousand universes, with a thousand different outcomes, each one no less personal than the last. And in our minds, and in our stories, Mulder and Scully will stay forever young.

And this is how we have more power than Chris Carter, and the network head, and all the other producers and TV execs and actors and writers combined. In our minds, our characters, no matter what fandom they may be from, are a million times more vivid and powerful than anyone could ever make them with a mere television set. Our imagination and love for the characters surpasses all that. All Chris Carter did was think them up for us, we're the ones that made them real.