10- Chameleon by Tevan -tied- Depature I and II, and Departure 2.5: Homecoming by Imajiru
9- The Cure Series by Liza McGrath (I can't find this online anywhere, but I will upload it onto my server very soon. If anyone has part VI, please email me)
8- Passing an Open Window 1, Passing an Open Window 2 by Maria M.
7- The Admission Series by Aries
6- Tails by Amirin
5- In Wolf's Clothing by Maria M.
4- Anywhere I Lay My Head by Maria M.
-tied- Daywalker by Aries 3- The Truth 1, The Truth 2, The Truth 3by Viridian5
2- Alex by Te
1- Ghosts and the sequel Lovers, by Torch -tied- Snows III- Beasts by Te

And go read everything Te, Torch, and Viridian5 have written, because I don't have enough room to list them all here.


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