The news is now annouced on the main page. This page will no longer be updated. < 3

Okay, when did I become the only author that doesn't deserve to be on my site? I swear... The other day Raietta made a comment about A.S.S. having a "literary feel", which is the best description of the combined works of the authors featured here that I've ever heard. And now I'm adding another new author who's work is rich and beautiful. Suddenly it seems that my stories are the only ones out of place here! I'm just going to have to use this as motivation to become a better writer! :o)

Now, the offical announcement of the newest author at A.S.S.- everyone put your hands together for Broken Angel! You might have seen some of her work at the Down in the Basement Archive, but her page premires today with stories and poems that aren't avalible there. WooHoo! Oh, and just to avoid confusion, Broken Angel is in no way related to former A.S.S. author Fallen Angel, who quit the fandom awhile back.

Also new today, we have a story from Raietta, called The Three S's. Then there's my new addition- a sequel to Unspoken, called Forgetting. No journal entry for this one, because when I began it I thought it was only going to be a cute, goofy snippet. Trust me to add plot to everything.

Up next- The re-design of the site is still a distant dream. A lovely distant dream... ::sigh:: And Raietta is getting her recs together, so more recs for you! Also, I'm considering working furthur on the graphical portion of the site that I mention three news posts back. I got some great tips from a friend on how to make screen shots that don't suck, but I don't think I'll have the time to re-do the shots anytime soon. But I was going through some old files today and found a bunch of "book covers" I made for various stories, and thought they might be interesting to display. But don't expect too much... I'm no Theban Band. < 3

Hi. I fixed some of the broken links below, and uploaded my snippet, Blindness, which I thought I had done last time, but didn't. So now you can read it. < 3

Hey. Sorry there was so long between updates. I was going to update two weeks ago, but I got ill. Now I'm feeling a bit better, and I'm ready to give you new stories and recs.

First off, I'd like to welcome a new author to A.S.S.. Raietta is just great, and you should all be reading her stories. Now! And don't miss Homage, which zhe wrote for me. ::blush::

Janus and I both wrote stories for a challenge on the MK_WAFFers list, and they're up. Check out Janus' Another Day, and my Unspoken. I also wrote a new snippet called Blindness, and have put up a revised and re-written version of Souls, called Souls 2000.

"Why," you may ask, "did you re-write Souls?" Well, the answer to that is in the journal entry for Souls 2000, which is up in my writing journal, along with an entry for Unspoken.

I've also put up a bunch of new recs. Of those, I specifically push Raietta's stories, and S. Senza's Smoke and Shadows, which is just one of the best M/K stories I've read in a long time. Her work really reminds me of the good old days of M/K, and the work of writers like Torch and Te. It's really really good.

Umm... I've also created an update list, so you guys will always know when I've updated. And so I have extra room to ramble. :o) You want to know when something new is going on here? Just sign up. < 3

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Well, I did get a digital camera, as a late birthday gift from my dad. And let me say straight off that it is Fucking Cool. Capital F, capital C. I did take some pics of myself, my cats, and one of my computers so I could start an "About the Author" page, but I haven't put that together yet. Instead I decided to do a service to all of you...

So, I heard that one of the episodes of The Outer Limits that Nick starred in might be on. I wondered briefly what station OL was playing on in my town (because it recently changed stations), vowed to check, and promptly forgot. Then, I'm online and my mom's in the room watching television, and she flips the station and a guy is getting hit in the head by a space rock. I recognized the plot as from the eppy Nick was in, panicked, ran into my room and fumbled a fresh tape into the VCR, and managed to only miss taping a few minutes of the show. I walk back to the living room to sign off so I can watch the show, and nearly pass out/pee in my pants/faint when I see that Nick had his shirt off. My ma asks me what's wrong and I gurgle incoherently at her, shut the computer down, and run into my room. I drool for the next hour and cut the comercials out of my tape, and then I'm hit with a brillant idea... screen shots.

Yes, now that I have a digital camera I can make my own screen shots. Including some that feature Nick with his shirt off! Now, I'm still learning to use the camera. That's code for "the pictures are pretty crappy". But I'm going to consider this a work in progress. I still plan to get more shots from the episode, and if I ever figure out how to make the pictures good, I'll re-do the existing ones. If anyone has any advice for me, email me.

Now, without furthur ado, Araxdelan's crappy screenshots of Nick with his shirt off. Remember, this is all very much a work in progress.. the page looks awful, all the shots aren't up, etc. etc. I'm just anxious to get it up so you all can see the pics right now. Especially those of you who weren't lucky enough to see the episode.

Also, you'll notice that the pics are housed at a new address. I signed up for some extra space because I figured that I might make this screen-shot thing a habit, and those picture files take up a lot of space. So, that address will soon be A.S.S.'s Screenshots/Collages/Photofakes/M-K Desktop Wallpaper division.

I'd love some feedback on my new venture. [hint hint]

Besides that, I've been avoiding working on the re-design, and got started on Playing in the Attic part 4. I hoping to get some reading time in soon, but I'm also planning on finishing PitA 4, and working on my story for the MK-WAFFers lyric wheel. Janus is also participating the the lyric wheel, so you can count on a new story from her, too. A little birdie also told me that she's going to try to do some work on the sequel to Belyore More. :o)

Hello, I'm doing okay. And how are you today?

Forgive me, I'm in a mood. First up, we have two new stories from Janus, as well as a revision of her story, Belyore More. The first new story is Neutral Ground. The second is a Work In Progress, and it's... oh... I'm to excited to speak... this is so great... it's... a sequel to BELYORE MORE!!!! It's called Black Sea. Janus has reported to me that she's gotten some lovely feedback from y'all. I'm so proud of you for doing your civic... uh... civFIC duty and sending in proper thanks to Janus for writing you stories. And I think the new stories are proof that feedback does work!

And what have I done lately, you ask? Well, I certainly haven't written anything new or worked on the redesign for this site. I've been too busy trying to keep my family from driving me insane. I'm really starting to despise them, for the simple reason that I can't get a quiet moment to write, or an hour of privacy to work on a new design for the front page. But I did manage to rustle up some new Recs for your reading pleasure, despite the fact that in the last two weeks I've read less than a dozen stories. It's so sad... last year at about this time I was reading hours every day. It's all my family's fault once more... various commitments to them and the fact that they make so much damn noise has forced me to flip my sleeping schedule around. I miss being nocturnal. I miss sleeping when I'm tired as opposed to sleeping when everyone else sleeps.

Yeah, okay, enough talking. I shouldn't write these things this late at night; I tend to ramble. So, the good news. you say, give me the good news. Well, Janus had a great idea for a group writing activity for the MK_WAFFers list, and I should produce something from it. I'm trying to flip my sleeping schedule around, which should make me less grumpy and tired all the time, and give me more time to write. And I'm [crosses fingers] getting a digital camera, so, if nothing else, you'll probably get an "About the Author" page, with a picture of me on it. And maybe a tour of my house. And pictures of my cats. And my feet. I have a feeling I'll want to play with my new toy, and you guys are going to have to deal with the effects. ;o) What do you want to see? Besides nudity?

Hi guys! I put a new story up a few days ago, along with a Writing Journal entry for it. Playing in the Attic III- But Not Fogotten and PitA3 Journal. I also updated my Recs. Lotsa new recs indeed, including a couple non-XF ones. I have some more non-XF ones, but I have to chase down the links for them.

We also have two new authors. They only have one story up each, but Janus will have more up soon. Meet Janus and Eider. Hurray!

Up next- New stuff soon, re-design, yadda yadda.

Hey, long time no see! I apologize. I had promised to keep the site better up to date once Lisa e Krysa was finished, but illness (of others and myself) has kept me from my duties. But I'm back now, and I hope to be able to keep things better up to date in the future!

Does anyone else think I spend way too much time during these updates apologizing? Anyway... I'm going to start by telling you all the news at Lone Gungirl's site, because I keep promising her I will. First off, she's gotten a handy-dandy site forwarding address. Which is good, because she changes providers often. The addy is- New things include the newest and final [:o(] part of her Mirrors series, a birthday snippet for me [:o)], a survey, and a guestbook. She's also started The Feminists X-Philes Clique. All feminists should go give it a look!

Now onto the updates here. First off, I've added several stories. The first is Lamentations my birthday indulgence story for this year. And no, it isn't silly and insane like the last one. It actually attempts to take itself seriously, despite the fact that it's implausible and sappy. The second story is The Clearest Answer, the sequel to What I Wanted to Say. I held back from posting it because it felt unfinished. Unfortuatly, I wasn't able to add anymore to it. So, the ending isn't as clear cut as I want it to be, and there's still more I want to say. Consider this story a Work In Progress, because I may one day add more to it. The third story I'm posting is just a snippet. It's called Too Long, and it takes place in the same universe as the last two. The fourth is a fluff piece that takes place in that universe as well, some time after the first three parts. It's called Swingers. And since four stories does a series make, I needed a name for it. It's now called, The Letter, for obvious reasons.

I've also added entries for all these stories, plus one for The Popsicle Story in My Writing Journal. Umm... I've also cleaned up some page errors, and fixed all the broken links (that I could find) on the two locally hosted recs pages.

Up next- I'm adding two new authors to the site. Their pages were supposedto have been added during this update, but they aren't quite ready yet, and I really wanted to make an official update. I'm hoping //praying// that I'll put those pages up within the week. I also have a list of new stories I'd like to rec, including ::gasp:: stories from fandoms beside XF!

Up in the far far future- I'm planning a site redesign. I'm only in the sketching/researching/experimenting stage right now. I hope no one minds CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)!

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