I wrote this over the summer, not too long after Biogenesis. I think it's still relevant today. There aren't any spoilers, other than the fact that I really didn't like the season six finale.

Dig up, stupid

Me and my friend Rowan were recently involved in a discussion on the topic of how ridiculous the mythology of the X-Files has gotten. We've always complained about it's absurdity and dis-continueous nature, but, with the airing of Biogenesis, (not to mention the scenes that *weren't* aired), we decided that Chris Carter and company have hit an all time-low.

In some respect, it's quite amusing to sit around and try to figure out exactly what's going on; to make the pieces fit. But, when the pieces cease to even look remotely alike, it's not just frustrating; it's down right infuriating.

1013 has dug themselves into a giant hole with the mythology. I think Rowan put it best when using a metephor from the Simpsons.

You see, some of the residents of Springfield had been told that there was treasure buried under a big "T". So, upon reaching the big T, they begin digging. They find only a note; not realizing that they've been duped, they continue digging... and digging... and digging.

In the next scene we see half a dozen of them in a hole about twenty or thirty feet deep. They are still digging, despite the fact that it is now late at night, the moon shining high above them. Finally, one of them proclaims:

"I don't think there's any treasure."

They all stop digging.

"Well, how are we supposed to get out of here?" Someone asks.

"I know! We'll dig our way out!" Homer says, stupidly.

They all begin digging again, lowering themselves farther and farther into the hole.

"No!" exclaims Chief Wiggum. "Dig *up*, stupid!"

And, a few nights ago, that's what Rowan said.

"I don't want this to sound stupid, but, really, this is what the mythology is like. Chris is saying 'Dig *up*, stupid!'. You know what I mean."

And I did. They've dug themselves into a hole with the mythology, and every time they try to get out, they just dig themselves in deeper. And, no matter how many times they cry, "Dig up!", they will never be able to. It just isn't possible.

Which brings me to another point; how stupidly they try to connect some events. We (the fans) aren't blind. And we're certinly not stupid. Time and again, they've tried to pull the wool over our eyes; altering past events to fit the newest needs of the "plot line" (if you can even call it that anymore) and conviently forgetting some things ever happened.

Which reminds me of another cartoon scene.

One of Donald Duck's relatives is a pyschologist; it's been many years since I've watched a cartoon starring him, so I've forgotten his name. At on point, he was explaining some aspect of patience and the rewards there of. He calmly began putting together a puzzle. Finally, after a few moments, he realized that the pieces didn't fit, and said,

"If the pieces don't fit, USE A BIGGER HAMMER!"

And then he proceeded to smash the pieces with a mallet until they all conformed together.

When I was a child, this scene made me crack up, and when I grew older, and realized the irony of it, I loved it more. It was just natural for me to remember it when thinking of the X-Files; the way the pieces we're violently smashed together until they formed a non-recognizble blob. In the same way CC keeps shouting "Dig up!" I imagine him shouting, "USE A BIGGER HAMMER!" And he does. Increasingly bigger hammers.

I do adore the show, perhaps because I hate it so much. I love the way it makes my blood boil to thiink of the mishhaps that Carter has made. I love the way I can sit with a fellow X-Phile, and, for hours, have a rousing discussion on the ups and downs of the show; which story-lines should have been kept, which ones that should never have made it to the air. And, most of all, I love the way I can speculate on what's happening, the way I can take mythology into my fanfic and twist it into the way it *should* be. But I hate it. I really do.

Just like Mulder hates Krycek. :o)