Welcome to my story recommendations page. Here you will find listings for all of the best M/K stories I've read. To make it more convienent to find the type of story you are in the mood for, I've also included general category listings. These listings are not based on the story's official categories, but rather on my opinion of the story. I've also reviewed some of the stories, furthur sharing my feelings on the stories and helping you to choose the stories that are for you. (Reviews not up yet, coming soon)

All series lead to the author's page on which the whole series is located.


H- Humour. Stories that made me laugh.
S- Sexy. Really hot stories.
R- Romance. Romantic stories with the boys in love, or stories where the boys "woo" each other.
A- Adventure. Stories with a lot of action.
X- Casefile. Stories with actual X-files in them.
G- Happiness. Stories that left me with a warm feeling and a happy heart.
M- Mythology. Stories that explain elements of the conspiracy or dicuss the aliens.
B- Angst. Stories where are boys are sad, confused, or just generally jerked around.
U- Undefinable. Some special quality that is undefinable. Something a little crazy, but wonderful nonetheless.
Also- There are additional longform classifications for some stories. Non-M/K stories (which are far and few between) will have the pairing listed.

The Admission Series by Aries (R, B, S)

After Such Dreams by Torch (R, G)

Affirmations by Viridian5 (H, S, G)

Alex by Te (B, R, S, U)

Alone by Krychick (B, R, M, G)

And Anywhere I Lay My Head by Maria M. (Removed from the internet)

Angels by Ladonna King (R, S, A)

The Arrows Series by Janet F. Caires Lesgold (R, B, G)

AW 18: So Tired by Te (H, U)

Bang for Buck Series (parts 1, 2, and 3 4) by Barb Geiger (Waring- severe squick potential! But it has such a sweet end.)

Barefoot by Meri (R, G)

Beggar's Ride by Viridian5 (R, G)

Begin Again by Torch (R, G)

Beguiled by Viridian5 (sort of R, G)

New!- Believe by Hiro (B, R, M, G)

New!- Berries by Te (B, U)

Belyore More by Janus (M, R, U, B)

The Big Bang by Dr. Ruthless (S, R, H, A)

Blood and Butterscotch by Viridian5 (S)

Blood, Love and Rhetoric by Ladonna King (R?, B, M, A, S, and violence)

Breathless by Ladonna King (R, X, B, sort of M)

Sequel to Breathless- Soildarity by Ladonna King (R, M, A, B)

Boca Raton by Abbie (R, B, Missing Scene)

Caretaker by Krychick (B, R, G)

The Caroline and the Boys and the Weather Series by Imp (R, S, G, B)

Chameleon by Tevan (R, B, G)

New!- Cinder by Torch (B, U)

Cupidity by Rattadder (H, R, G)

The Cure Series by Liza McGrath (Has unfortunatly been removed from the internet.)

Dance Series by JiM (R, A, M, B)

Daywalker by Aries (S)

Depature I, Departure II, Departure 2.5: Homecoming, and Departure III by Imajiru (R, B, A, G-part 3 only)

Dreaming is Free by Viridian5 (U, G)

Dostoyevski's Tea by Jane Symons (R, H, B, U)

Excess Baggage by Aries (S, R)

The Full Monty by Ladonna King (H)

Game, Set, Match by Anonymous (B, R, G, S)

Gifts by Te (R, H, G)

Ghosts and the sequel Lovers, by Torch (R, B, X, M)

Goober and the Czar by DBKate K/P (H)

The Grey Havens by Cody Nelson (B, kinda R, G, U)

Guardian by Sugar Rush (M, B, R)

Hand to Mouth by Laddona King (H, S)

Heat by Viridian5 (S, B)

New!- Homage by Raietta (R, G, U)

How it all Began by B2 (R, H, A, G)

In the Aftermath by Debchan (M, B, G, U)

Inversion by Debchan Work in Progress [parts 1-4 up] (H, X)

Judas Wept by Sarah Bellum (aka Bernice) (Has been unfortunatly removed from the internet)

Just a Taste by Viridian5 (sort of H, S)

Just Talking , and Just Talking 2; The Mouth That Ate Cincinatti by Frankie (H, R, U, G)

Lone Primate by Nonie Rider (B)

Mind, Body, and Soul Series by Aries (R, B)

Mirrors III, IV, and V, by Lone Gungirl (R, B, Missing Scenes)

The Most Unexpected Conspiracy of All by Viridian5 (H)

Not in Our Stars Series by Viridian5 (sort of R and H)

Not on My Watch Series by Aries (R, B, H)

Numb All Over Series by Jonah in the Whale (R, B, sort of M, X)

One Pefect Moment of Happiness by Donna Milan (R, B)

On the 14th by Eider (B, R)

Passing an Open Window 1, Passing an Open Window 2; Mystery by Maria M. (removed from the internet)

Photographic Memory by Morgan Peterson (R, X, sort of M, G)

Possesion by Ladonna King (B, M)

Presents by Te (S, R)

Quicksand by Imajiru (B, R, G)

A Rat Tale by Debchan (H, R, G)

Resistance by Imajiru (Alternate Universe, R, B, A, M)

Russian Roulette by Torch (S, Missing Scenes)

Sarah Series by Susan (B, R)

Saved and Beloved by Lissa (B, R, U)

New!- Scars by Jessica Harris (B, R, U)

The Slumber Party by Viridian5 and Te (H)

New!- Smoke and Shadows by S. Senza (U, M, B, G) (Note- I can't reccomend this one enough. It's amazing.)

Snow by Susan (R, H)

Snows III- Beasts by Te (R, G, U)

Strawberries by Te (sort of H, U)

Stronger Than Pride (was No Longer a Truth Part 1) Niccie (R, U, kinda M, B)

Swimming Lessons by DBKate M/P (R, B)

Tails by Amirin (R, B, ::weeping:: sweetest character death ever!)

These Particular Days by Fallen Angel (R, G)

Things to Do in Denver by Mocomab (H, R, G)

Those Early Morning Hours by Sarah (R, G)

New!- The Traveler by Raietta (X, B, S, R)

The Truth Series by Viridian5 (R, A, M, B)

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth by Windra Garrison (AU, H, kinda R, kinda M)

Two of a Kind by Imp (B, R, M, G)

Waking Up in Pittsburg by Keiko Kirin (B, M, S)

Wanting Inspiration by Te (sort of R, B, U)

Weft Series by Amirin (R, G, S, B)

What About Scully? by Gwendolen (G, slightly H)

In Wolf's Clothing by Maria M. (removed from the internet)

Other Fandoms

Once a Thief:

New!- Density by Calico (S)

Going Deep by AnneZo (R, OaT style casefile)

Due South:

The Thrill of the Chase by Viridian5 (H, G)

Clerks/Mallrats/Chasing Amy/Dogma:

A Stranger Destiny p1 by Taylor Jameson (R, H, B, G)


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