The Clearest Answer

The Clearest Answer

sequel to What I've wanted to Say
Story written 02/13/00
Entry written 04/26/00

I wrote this story directly after What I've Wanted to Say. In fact, I mentioned it in the journal entry for that story. I'm writing this entry after writing the story because by the time I was finished with What I've Wanted to Say I was dead tired and could only think of getting this story down.

In the last story Mulder revealed his feelings for Krycek in a letter, but I didn't give any information on how Krycek took things. And I knew exactly how he would, and how Mulder would react to that. So I got cracking, and got out all I could.

When I finished I felt things were still left hanging. I considered writing another sequel, but just decided to write some more in this story. Unfortunately, I couldn't write anymore. Because this was a Valentine's present for the MK WAFFers and I had to post it A.S.A.P., I decided to post it there unfinished, and write some more later.

But all the efforts to write more failed, and I've decide to post it on site with the warning that more might be added later.

Because I was so tired when I wrote this I dashed it off rather quickly. I honestly think I could have done better, even if my result is pretty good. I also think the story ended up more humourous than I planned.

Too Long

The Letter Snippet
Story written 03/11/00
Entry written 04/26/00

I was facing a major case of writers block. I was supposed to be writing, but instead I was procrastinating, and re-reading some of my old stories. When going over The Clearest Answer I suddenly had an idea. I wanted to write things from Krycek's point of view, because that was missing from the previous stories.

I knew I wanted to write his feelings upon finding the letter. and I thought I might perhaps write even more. But when I started I knew that the phonecall and the sex wasn't as important as his feelings before making the phone call, and I decided to stick to that time period.

I like the way it came out. I basically knew what emotions I wanted Krycek to have, and they all came out perfectly. And this little snip helped me get over my writers block. I'm pleased with it.