Story written 04/07/00
Entry written 04/26/00

It was late. It was cold. Here in Chicago we had seventy degree weather at the end of February, and then April comes and we have snow. That's enough to make anyone write a story with sunshine and green treetops.

Through all this cold I've been wanting to go swing on a swingset. I knew eventually it would make it's way into a fic. When all I can think of is swingsets, the idea of Mulder and Krycek on one is simply irresistible.

This story actually started it's life as Mulder on a case with Krycek following him. I was going to set it in the small town my aunt lives in, and they were going to go for ice cream at the best ice cream shop in the world, and then down to the park by the river to play on the swings. But that idea was very indulgent, so I dumped it.

I then had another idea, where Krycek and Mulder (already in a relationship) go for a walk in the park and end up on the swings. This plot felt better, so I wrote it.

The writing in this story is a bit more... expansive? Flourished? than my usual, which has to do with the mood I was in. I wanted sunshine, I wanted swings, I wanted love... I wanted everything to be big and bright and beautiful. So I let my writing take me where it wanted.

I still don't really know why I made this part of my The Letter universe. I wanted it to be part of one of my universes (perhaps to give it more merit?) and I considered making it part of the Slip universe, but it felt better here. And it's nice to know that everything worked out well for the boys in this universe.