The Clearest Answer



So, unless I decide to dump what I've just written, I've just finished my entry into the 1st WAFFers Lyrics Wheel. It's tentatively titled Running , but that'll probably get changed. It's based on the lyrics from the U2 song "Where the Streets Have No Name", and if you don't know that then you haven't read my story and shouldn't be reading this.

Anywho, this story was the hardest I've ever had to write, because there's no happy ending. Yes, I'm aware that I've written much bleaker stories

, but I was in my "pointlessly torture the boys because it's interesting and angsty and artistic" stage. Now I'm in the "they're truly and madly in love and perfect for each other even if they don't know it and I'll kill anyone who gets in their way and they'll live happily ever after..." stage. Seeing as how I've been in this stage for a year now I'm just going to assume I've reached a plateau, and happily pitch tent here.

And though it was a hard story to write, it didn't take me very long to do so. Probably no more than an hour and a half... I didn't check. I think this was because I've had awhile to look over the lyrics and plan, and yesterday the song was on while I was in the car and I planned a bit more then. So when I took out my copy of the lyrics (I printed a copy because the ones in the lyrics book were printed so small), turned on the song, and opened MS Works, I had a good idea of what was coming. It was all a matter of writing the lines and ideas I had into a larger whole, and getting Alex to shut up in the beginning. Let me tell you, the boy wanted the story to be all about his mistakes in life.

I think it turned out pretty well. But there are a few things I might go and smooth out in the story. There are a few lines that don't flow right. But I'm also worried that the story seems... stunted. Like there should be more. But I don't have any more, any further explanation for the state of Alex's mind and the boys' relationship. Maybe I'm just used to laying things our more clearly. I think that there are a lot of undertones in this story. Suggestions, really. And they all come from the song.

Which is another problem I have. I'm worried because, at times, I strayed so far from what the lyrics presented. And even though I didn't stay completely true to the words of the song (particularly the "streets" part of it), I think the spirit of longing for safety and longing for a place in which love may flourish is captured. But I've never been in a Lyrics Wheel before, so I don't know if the spirit is enough, or if people are expecting me to have Alex want to "reach out and touch the flame" and hide "high on a desert plain".

Ah, well. What's done is done, and when I see the other stories, I'll learn for next time. I'm especially interested to see what Jadzia did with the song I sent her, "Here With Me" by Dido. It can be used pretty straightforwardly, but I also think there's an opportunity to take the story away from the lyrics while still holding onto the spirit. And the spirit is perfect for an M/K story, especially one of the angsty variety that Jadzia is known for.

Well, if I make any major changes, I'll log them in here. If I don't, then let me just make my farewell here. Bye everybody!