Black-gray Shade of Blue Rated- PG13
A Dream

Dawn on the Snow Rated- PG13
Mulder is alone at home at night, and he has a visitor.

Days of Oranges Rated- PG13
If I only had the slightest idea what is happening.

New! Fragile Rated- NR
A Christmas Story.

Give My Angel Away Rated- PG
Night. Mulder is thinking.

Saved and Beloved Rated- PG13
Alex takes Mulder to Russia.

The Sky Holds My Hand Rated- PG13
Post- war world.

When Death was Kind Rated- PG
Alex meets death.

Wings and Lilacs Rated- PG
Sequel to "When Death was Kind"

For the boys to be completely happy they need Scully to accept their relationship. Is she able to do it?

Fragments of Lives Rated- PG13
Imagine a world where everybody is in love with Alex Krycek, then break it into little pieces, then try to put them all back together, and draw the end of the world (also known as alien invasion) on the background.


Fallen Angel

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