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Stand Alone Stories

Birthday Wishes Rated- NC17
A bit of fluff I wrote myself for my birthday.

Coming Home Rated- NC-17
A Christmas present for Lissa- The boys miss each other.

Crying Rated- PG13
Angst!Fic. Krycek muses on his life... and a certain FBI agent.

Lamentations Rated- NC-17
Life is never predictable. After Mulder's takes some unexpected turns, he gets a pleasant surprise that leads to perfection.

Morals Rated- PG
Mulder contemplates why Krycek ain't so bad.

No Regrets Rated- PG13
What the final episode would be like if I was running the show.

Co-Authored with Lone Gungirl-
Perspectives Rated-PG13
Seeing both sides of the matter.

Co-Authored with Lone Gungirl-
Perspectives II Rated-NC17
Sequel to Perspectives. Picks up where that story left off. Doubts come and go, and questions arise, but the boys both seem to be looking for the same thing.

The Popsicle Story Rated-R
That would spoil all the wonderful "plot" in this story.

Scenes We'll Never See Rated- R
Krycek has a job to do.

A Seasoned Professional Rated- R
Gen fic. Mulder wonders about how his job affects him.

Souls Rated- R
Forgivness is divine.

Souls 2000 Rated- R
A re-written version of my original Souls.

Suffered Rated- PG
Nobody knows Alex Krycek.

What Tomorrow Brings Rated-PG13
Some years in the future, our boys reunite....


Anything But Not Rated

Anywhere But Where I Want to Be Rated- PG
Little snip about Alex's mistakes in life

Blindness Not Rated
Another meditation on an old theme...

Dreams Not Rated
My attempted remedy for Insomnia

Good Morning Rated- PG13
Fluff. I had a bad morning, so I wrote the boys a good one.

Everything Not Rated
In the end...

Mistletoe Rated- NR
A Christmas story.

Persuading You Rated-PG
Krycek pleads his case.

New! Remain Not Rated
What can never be taken away...

Silence Not Rated
A morning.


Unspoken Rated- PG13
The costs of war.

Forgetting Rated- PG13
Some things are laid to rest.

Traditions Not Rated
Love survives.

The Letter

In which Fox lays his heart on the line, and Alex responds. Presented in the order in which they were written, and in the order which they should probably be read.

What I've Wanted to Say Rated- PG
Valentine's Day story- Mulder lays his heart on the line.

The Clearest Answer Rated- NC-17
Oh boy.
This seems to be about as finished as it's going to be, for the moment, but I might add a more conclusive final scene later. Consider this a WIP.

Too Long: A Letter Snippet Not Rated
And on a rather ordinary morning, he finds a surprise...

Swingers Rated- PG


Slip: Book One

Book Cover

I- How Many Times... and II- Blurry Eyed Rated -R
Mulder, Krycek, a truce, tears.

III- When Answers Come... Rated PG13
Mulder and Krycek talk things out. Schmoop ahoy!

IV- And *Then* it got Complicated Rated PG13
Krycek's head is in the Mulderclouds, and the boys get an unexpected guest.

V- Crazy Like a Fox Rated PG
The plot thickens, and Mulder lusts.

VI- One More Step in the Right Direction Rated R
Krycek meets The Lone Gunmen, and he and Mulder get... friendly.

VII- Now What? Rated NC-17
Things don't go as planned, but that's okay.

VIII- For Now Rated R
Krycek and Mulder find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

IX- No Other Way Rated R
Some things you can't run away from. And then there's the things you can't help wanting to run to.

X- The End Rated NC-17
The boys go home.

Slip Interludes

Bitter, Sweet. Not Rated
An evolution of the heart.
Takes place two days after part 10, book one.

Shopping Rated PG
In an un-specified time in the Slip universe, the boys finally get pillows and a bed.
See a catalogue picture of the boys bed. Ignore the rest of the furniture, and imagine it a bit bigger. With plain sheets.

Stay tuned for Slip: Book Two.

Puppy Tale

Puppy Tale Rated- PG13
Krycek gives Mulder a puppy.

Puppy Tale II Rated- PG
What happened after.

Puppy Tale Snippet- Out Grown Not Rated
An evening in which a decision is made.

Puppy Tale III Rated- PG13
A humourous piece on what happened the morning after Out Grown. A work in progress.


Desperation Rated -PG13- Warning- Character Death
My first published slash story. I don't think much of it, but some people like it.

Untitled Sequel to Desperation Rated-PG13
Sequel to Desperation. Graveside tears.

Prequel to Desperation Rated -R- Warning- Character Death
Prequel to Desperation, but meant to be read after the original. Explainations.

Desperation IV- If Heaven is on the Way Rated- G

Playing in the Attic

Playing in the Attic Rated- R
Mulder's past never fails to surprise him.

Playing in the Attic II- Do What We Can Rated- R
The past comes knocking on Mulder's door. Well... picking at his locks...

Playing in the Attic III- But Not Fogotten Rated- PG13
Things take an unexpected turn.

New! Playing in the Attic IV- Gift from Above Rated- R

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