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Raietta’s IMHO page!

These are the stories that I, personally, adore. Some are hard and evil, some are sweet and fluffy, some are freaky and some are romantic. All of them, however, are stories that range from making me grin and say, "I really, really like this story!" to shrieking, "I love this story! Aieee!"

"Affirmations" by Viridian5

The Afternoon Weirdness series, by Te

"A Kiss is Just a Kiss" by Jane Symons

"A Night in Hong Kong" by Jane Symons

The A Rat's Life series, by Kindli

"Belyore More" by Janus

"Black-gray Shade of Blue" by Lissa

"Black Sea" by Janus

"Blindness" by Araxdelan

"Boca Raton" by Abbie

"Crying" by Araxdelan

"Day of the Locust" by Ratwoman

"Days of Oranges" by Lissa

The Domesticated series by Viridian5

"Dostoyevski's Tea" by Jane Symons

"Drink To Me Only" by Jane Symons

"Elevating Experiences" by Jane Symons

"Even White Teeth" by Basingstoke

"Everyday Angel" by Fallen Angel

"Fallen" by Broken Angel

"Fascination" by Viridian5

"Fires" by Broken Angel

"Fish Are Jumping" by Jane Symons

"Focused" by Viridian5

"Fragile" by Lissa

"Fragments of Lives" by Lissa

"Give My Angel Away" by Lissa

The Heroin series, by Zen&Nancy

The Hilt series by Nonie Rider

"His Measure of Worth" by Phyre

"Hold Tight" by Debra Fran Baker

The In a Dark Time series, by A. Leigh-Anne Childe

The In Hot Water series, by Mocomab

"Interruptions" by Becky

"In the Aftermath" by debchan

"Just Another Night" by "T. Rose/Kindli

"La Partance" by Sleeps With Coyotes

The Lockdown two-parter by Nonie Rider

The Lost arc, by Broken Angel

The Love of Dead Things series, by Te

The Mad Dogs series, by Sleeps With Coyotes

The Mind, Body, Soul series, by Aries

"Neutral Ground" by Janus

"No Regrets" by Araxdelan

The Numb All Over series, by Jonah in the Whale (no longer avalible online)

"On the Fourteenth" by Eider

"Pretending to Swim" by Twilight

"Puppy Tale" by Araxdelan

"Ride?" by Twilight

"Rogaine, Rats, and Baseball Bats" by Ethan Nelson

"Saved and Beloved" by Lissa

"Scenes We'll Never See" by Araxdelan

"Silence" by Araxdelan

The Slow Dance series, by Katherine

"The Snows series, by Te

"Some Time in the Naughty Chair" by Viridian5

"Souls 2000" by Araxdelan

"Still Haven't Found..." by Twilight

"Stop and Go" by Abbie

The Strays series, by Mocomab

"Suffered" by Araxdelan

"Tails" by Amirin

The Tapestry series, by Amirin

"The Dawn on the Snow" by Lissa

"The End of Pain" by Spike

"The Grey Twilight" by Sandy K. Herrold

"The Rose" by Amirin

"The Sky Holds My Hand" by Lissa

"Things to Do in Denver" by Mocomab

"This Fire" by Twilight

"This Isn't Florida" by Abbie

Untitled II" by Broken Angel

Untitled Dream Story, by Araxdelan (not publicly avalible)

"Walking Shadow" by Sylvia

"Wanderlust" by Sleeps With Coyotes

"What About Scully?" by Gwendolen

"What We Did to Alex" by Katherine

"The Whisper of Forgiveness" by Araxdelan

"Your Blue Room" by Twilight

"24 Hr Live Bait" by Viridian5